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Are Savannah residents more attractive than Columbus residents?

Rough news: Columbus doesn't appear on a list of cities for America's best-looking people, as decided by Travel + Leisure readers. Phenix City isn't on there, either. Georgia has one city in the top 10: Savannah, which ranked No. 8 for attractive people. No Alabama cities cracked the top 10.

Which city ranked No. 1? Miami.

But back to Savannah: It fared much better than Atlanta, which ranked No. 28 on the list.

The Savannah Morning News reacted to the distinction, noting, "It may help that Savannah is home to one of the top fashion schools in the country -- the Savannah College of Art and Design -- and was selected by fashion retailer Express as the background for its latest international marketing campaign."

Weigh in, readers: Does Savannah deserve a spot among the top 10 cities for attractive people? Was Columbus robbed? Do you want to move to Miami?