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Would you name your baby Hashtag?

So, have you heard about the baby named Hashtag? Unfortunately, I'm not kidding.

PC Magazine informs us of the recent birth of Hashtag Jameson, a baby girl apparently named after the popular symbol on social media site Twitter. Before you get too riled up, the article warns it could be a huge hoax.

"It's not clear yet if Hashtag Jameson is a real name like Facebook Ibrahim and Like Adler. There have been hoaxes of this sort before—case in point, a recent story about a little Romanian girl supposedly named Yahoo! That turned out to be entirely made up," it explains.

Nonetheless, let's not forget the modern potential for strange/creative/awful baby names. Did you notice the aforementioned reference to Facebook Ibrahim? Yep, totally real.

Assuming Hashtag Jameson is a real person, do you think her name will bring her embarrassment or glory?