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Relationships: Is 25 the ideal age for marriage?

What's the best age to get married? Naturally, that depends who you ask. Recent survey results suggest college students think 25 is the ideal age for marriage. Their parents, however, said you should be older than 25.

The Washington Post summarizes the survey here, noting it was conducted by Brigham Young University. "The researchers did not include BYU students in the survey. If they had, it might have skewed the results lower, since Mormons tend to marry earlier and about a quarter of the BYU student population is already married," it adds.

The number doesn't surprise me, though it does make me feel slightly lonely. Yes, I'm 30 and unmarried. Awkward.

From a news standpoint, the biggest takeaway from the story is that parents think you should be older than 25 when marrying. If that's true, it debunks a common belief that parents pressure their kids to marry ASAP.

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