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Dec. 6-9: Buy a Whopper, get a 55-cent Whopper at Burger King

Have it your way -- for cheap. To celebrate the Whopper's 55th anniversary, Burger King is offering a special deal Dec. 6-9. Buy any Whopper Sandwich and get an Original Whopper Sandwich for 55 cents. The deal is available at participating Burger King restaurants nationwide, while supplies last. Learn more here.

Confession: I prefer Big Macs. Of course I'll still indulge in this deal, though I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try the new "Angry Whopper." Let's just say it takes a certain kind of stomach to tolerate any kind of burger involving the word "angry."

While you're enjoying what's hopefully a Happy Whopper, ponder this: Would you try home delivery from Burger King?

The chain is experimenting with the idea, according to Fortune. An excerpt:

Company data show that in the restaurant's original Washington D.C home delivery test, 90% of customers said that they liked BK delivery and would order again. The burger chain launched a home delivery pilot in south Florida in October, and in November, they moved into Houston and New York, bringing the tally of delivery locations to 71.