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Simple, inexpensive centerpieces show holiday cheer

Festive holiday table decor doesn't have to be expensive. Fresh flowers and unscented candles make lovely centerpieces but if you have a few extra Christmas ornaments, you can arrange them in a pretty bowl or vase for a cute and low-maintenance centerpiece.

My co-workers Marcia McAllister and Jenny Chandler added some holiday cheer to the newsroom this morning by decorating our meeting table. Marcia used peppermint candies and red ornaments for this simple but elegant centerpiece. This is perfect for shared spaces so no one has to remember to trim flowers or change water in vases.

My husband bought a white lantern at Big Lots for less than $20. We took out the tealight candle and filled the lantern with purple ornaments. It's a cute coffee table centerpiece in the living room which is highlight with a white Christmas tree with purple ornaments.

A gorgeous crystal bowl which my grandmother gave me as a wedding present gets dressed for the holidays with an addition of red and silver ornaments. I think the poinsettia garland just makes it stand out a bit. I like this centerpiece for the dining room table because it's low so family members can see each other. My husband has been known to remove the centerpiece all together if he can't see over it!

Need more ideas? Be sure to check out Pinterest. I've seen some adorable place card ideas including creating a miniature easel out of two unwrapped mini candy canes to hold a name card.

For napkin holders, fasten a jingle bell to a rolled linen napkin with a festive holiday ribbon.

Happy table decorating!