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Wedding of 'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum aired Sunday

Fans of ABC's dating reality shows "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" watched the wedding of J.P. Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert, who met on season 7 of "The Bachelorette," on Sunday. The ceremony was held in Pasadena, CA, in early December.

To kick off the wedding special, the happy couple explain what they've doing since J.P. proposed on the final show of their season. They live in Princeton, New Jersey, which is about halfway between Ashley's job as pediatric dental resident in Philadelphia and J.P.'s construction job in New York City.

When they tied the knot, they became the third couple in "The Bachelor" franchise to marry. Ryan and Trista Sutter met when Trista was the first "Bachelorette." They now have two children and live in Colorado. Molly and Jason Mesnick married in 2010, and are expecting a baby this spring. They are also raising Jason's 7-year-old son, Ty. Both couples attended the wedding and "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison interviewed them before the ceremony started. Jason and a pregnant Molly told Chris that they wanted the baby's gender to be a surprise and they wouldn't reveal any names they were considering although Ty's request is that the baby be named Ty, Jr. Chris suggested Chris or Christina.

Trista and Ryan celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary earlier this month. They've met Ashley and J.P. and had kind things to say about the couple. "I adore her... she's just pure joy," Trista said about Ashley. Asked if Ashley and J.P.'s wedding reminded them of their wedding, Ryan remarked that he wasn't seeing as much pink. Trista incorporated her signature color into the flowers and accents at her wedding. Newest bachelor Sean Lowe was also interviewed. His season airs Jan. 7 and he told Chris that he's confident his future wife is on his season which has already been filmed. Other guests included Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez, who have broken up since their season ended but seemed quite cozy together at the wedding. Emily Maynard also attended.

Celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss is designing J.P. and Ashley's wedding. The wedding party will feature nine bridesmaids and groomsmen, two flower girls and Boo, the couple's dog. Chris Harrison will marry the couple. Ashley and J.P. said it wasn't because Chris is the host of the show but because he knows Ashley and J.P. individually and as a couple. "We want you there as a friend," Ashley said. Before Chris agreed to officiate, he quizzed the couple on their relationship and their commitment to each other and to marriage.

Randi Rahm designed Ashley's mermaid style wedding gown. Ashley will wear pink shoes with sparkly silver embellishments. J.P. will wear a Hugo Boss tuxedo.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties were held in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ashley had mimosas and manicures with her bridesmaids before an evening of pole dancing lessons. J.P. raced cars and had drinks with his groomsmen. The couple didn't spend their entire weekend apart, though. They went ice skating together and Ashley showed J.P. her special pedicure with a nail sticker featuring a photo of J.P.

Ashley teared up on her walk down the aisle with her father and stepfather. J.P. hugged both men before taking Ashley's hand and guiding her up a set of stairs onto the platform where the would exchange their vows. Although they were emotional at first the couple's silliness came out in the ceremony with giggles and winks. At first, they almost kissed before pulling back. "Wait for it," Chris said.

In his vows, J.P. said he never believed in fate until he met Ashley. "You make me by far a much, much better man," J.P. said. "The truth is, I probably don't deserve you," he said. "Not only are you my one true love, you are my best friend," he said.

Ashley, "I promise to wake up every morning and fall in love with you all over again," Ashley said. They both cried through their vows and J.P. tried to kiss Ashley when she finished her vows. "We'll get there, I promise," Chris said.

After Chris announced that they were officially married, they finally got to kiss. And after walking down the aisle, they kissed again and again and again. "I wanted to kiss you the whole time," Ashley told J.P.