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Do we need 'tweet seats' in Columbus?

Meet the newest addition to the theater world: "tweet seats."

A Minnesota theater has a seating section for people who want to use smartphones during performances -- in fact, they’re even encouraged to tweet about live performances to increase buzz, according to the Huffington Post.

Weigh in: Do we need "tweet seats" at local venues?

When I mentioned this article in recent conversations, most people had the same reaction: "Won't people just use their smartphones anyway, regardless of whether they have a designated seating section?"

Fair point. The aforementioned article explains it this way:

All of the theaters offering "tweet seats" feature live performances. The perk is meant to encourage audience interaction and to create a buzz about the production. But there is also the chance that introducing these seats legitimizes a behavior that is widely regarded as just plain rude.

I see more value for "tweet seats" at a theater production, as opposed to a movie. Then again, asking Twitter-savvy audience members to essentially become a part of your marketing strategy has a huge potential to backfire.

What do you think?