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her beauty: Experts at On The Edge Salon offer tips for updating your look

You've resolved to get healthy, clean your pantry and learn a new skill. There's just one thing missing from the list: updating your look.

A new year often spurs a desire to update a tired hairstyle or try a dramatic color change. For a sneak peek at the hair trends on the horizon, we recently chatted with the team at Columbus' On The Edge Salon (1290 Double Churches Road; 706-221-2721).

Here are their suggestions for reinventing yourself in 2013.


Current hair trends encompass two ends of the beauty spectrum: super sleek ponytails, and super wavy styles. Pick your extreme of choice and own it.

Once you've done that, invest in some accessories. Big bows and clips with jewel accents are expected to remain popular this year. "It doesn't matter what length hair," said Brittany Kokenzie, a master cosmetologist at the salon.

Also, the trends lean toward Hollywood glamour, so take some time to add those special touches to your style.


Go ahead, get excited about flaunting a new hair color in 2013 -- but be smart about it. "They want to make sure that they go with the color of their skin," said Ashley Jeter, a master cosmetologist at the salon and independent Mary Kay consultant and makeup artist.

If you have a pale complexion, don't opt for color that drowns you out. Make sure your new look includes some warm hues.

Also, if the thrill of transformation leads to an at-home hair color disaster, address the crisis wisely. "Definitely come to a salon to have it professionally corrected," Jeter said.


"Texture and braids are really, really hot," said Kara Gonzalez, a color specialist at the salon. If you're completely clueless about the art of braiding, consult your computer for a tutorial. "Anything you want to learn about braids is on YouTube," Gonzalez said.


Just like milk and cheese, beauty products have a shelf life, according to Elisa Branton, owner and master cosmetologist at the salon. The start of a new year might be a good time to check the expiration dates on the products in your beauty cabinet.

What if they don't have expiration dates? "Get rid of it if the color's changed. And if it has a weird odor, you should probably get rid of it as well," Branton said.

There's truth behind the belief that your hair can become too accustomed to one type of shampoo, Branton said. "Your hair will work better when you switch them out," she explained. So January might be a good time to change your routine.