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Columbus, Ga., isn't the world's most active Twitter city

Surprise: Columbus isn’t the world’s most active Twitter city. Neither is Atlanta. The honor goes to Jakarta, Indonesia, according to study results described in a recent post on

Here’s another surprising fact: San Francisco, where Twitter is headquartered, is not among the world’s 20 most active Twitter cities, the article notes.

While Columbus might not break Twitter records, I think it's safe to say local use of the popular social media site has increased within the past year.

Here's how I hope the Chattahoochee Valley uses Twitter in 2013:

More giveaways, promotions for Twitter followers: Many local businesses have taken advantage of Facebook's marketing power. I'd like the same thing to happen with Twitter. Offer a discount for Twitter followers who mention your business or those who retweet you during a specific time frame each week.

Twitter as an altruism tool: Aflac has set a great example with a campaign that occasionally donates charity money based on retweets. Local businesses could easily offer similar campaigns on a smaller scale.

Don't forget to have fun: So, when will someone create an active Twitter account for that awkward statue in downtown Columbus? Or an account dedicated entirely to the unbelievably slow traffic lights in town?

Bring it on, tweeps.