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The Carrie Diaries premiere: Sex and the City prequel shows Carrie Bradshaw's teenage days

She doesn't have a major column, she hasn't met Big and she doesn't drink cosmos. Yet.

Still, Carrie Bradshaw is back on TV.

The thrill of "Sex and the City" has (sort of) returned to TV, courtesy of the show's highly anticipated prequel. "The Carrie Diaries" premiered Monday on The CW. Did the new series reignite an interest in cool heels and girl power? Grab a cosmo (if you’re 21) and read my review.

The show is set in 1984, and features a 16-year-old Carrie Bradshaw, played by AnnaSophia Robb. It includes cool '80s music, bodacious fashions and a former "Doctor Who" companion (actress Freema Agyeman).

It doesn't include Charlotte, Samantha or Miranda.

The premise: Carrie is a teenager living in Connecticut. Her mother recently died of cancer, and she lives with her father and younger rebellious sister. There are female friends, a cute boy and a gay friend who isn't out of the closet.

Carrie gets an internship at a Manhattan law office. While in Manhattan, she strikes up a friendship with a fashion insider (Agyeman's character) from a magazine, which presumably lays the groundwork for "Sex and the City."

The show includes the trademark voice-overs of "Sex and the City," with lines like, "The pain of love is what truly changes us."

"The Carrie Diaries" has attracted mixed reviews. Cracked calls it one of this month's five least anticipated TV shows.

USA Today calls it a "charming study of a beloved character," but notes, "As fine as Robb is as Carrie, you do wish CW did not feel the need to constantly feed its young audience a fantasy view of the world where every single teenager is the epitome of physical beauty."

My take? I liked it. My main criticism is that I wanted more subtle references and/or foreshadowing to "Sex and the City."

Which brings up a good point: I'm still not sure about the target audience for "The Carrie Diaries." Is it longtime "Sex and the City" fans, or tweens fairly unfamiliar with the HBO show? With luck, the answer will be more apparent after future episodes.

Until then, it's too early to say if "The Carrie Diaries" will be just as big as its grown-up version.