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Incorporate this season's bold statement pieces into your look

Go bold or go home.

That's the unofficial motto for the accessory trends you'll see this season. Expect an emphasis on bold statement pieces, according to the team at Fashionizta, a boutique at 3604 Macon Road, Suite 10, in Columbus.

"We like that boldness," said lead associate Tisha Dawson. The boutique prides itself on "Hollywood fashions for your bargain passion."

Here are five tips for rocking this season's bold accessories.

Don't overdo it

Everything in moderation, right? That mantra applies to beauty as well. In this case, it's probably best to avoid an ensemble with busy prints if you're wearing equally busy accessories.

Remember, you don't want to put your admiring fans in sensory overload.

"I wear solid colors," said Dawson, offering advice on pairing an outfit with big, eye-catching accessories. Also, don't assume that you always need accessories. Sometimes, less is more.

"If you have a busy dress, you don't need your necklace," Dawson said. The same goes for balancing your accessories.

"If you're doing a bold necklace, you might want simpler earrings," said Gwennetta Wright, co-owner of Fashionizta.

Colors that sparkle

Bold accessories encompass a wide array of hues. Which colors will be especially popular? Diamonds and crystals, Dawson said. Fashion's focus on sparkles didn't end after the holidays, so keep flaunting your sparkly handbags and other accessories.

Wonderful wrist wear

You probably already own an impressive supply of rings, earrings and necklaces. Looking to bolster your jewelry collection this season? Try focusing on bracelets, one of this season's especially hot items, according to the Fashionizta team.

Expect to see bold, sparkly bracelets. The Fashionizta team highlighted a cool trend: bracelets that focus on animals. In their store, they pointed to bedazzled bracelets anchored by shapes like owls and frogs.

Body chains

They're one of the hottest items at Fashionizta. A body chain is a long, eye-catching accessory that's generally an outfit's main focal point. It's a great investment if you want to take a fashion risk this season. Pair it with a solid-colored blouse or dress to maximize its appeal.

Hair matters

You don't have to ditch your big hair accessories. Those items -- headbands, barrettes and more -- will remain popular, according to the team at Fashionizta. Apply the same emphasis on moderation to your hair accessories.

If you're wearing certain types of bold earrings, it's sometimes best to opt for an up-do. "I think it's more appealing when you wear your hair away from your face," Wright said. Then again, it's often a matter of personal preference, so flaunt the style that makes you feel most comfortable.