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Jan. 21: National Hug Day, also known as National Hugging Day

Group hug, anyone?

Monday, Jan. 21, is National Hug Day, also known as National Hugging Day. First widely celebrated in 1986, the holiday "was initially created for family and friends to hug often and freely with one another," according to the National Hugging Day website.

Remember, hugs are always more fun when both parties consent to the embrace. The aforementioned website even warns, "While some encourage hugging everyone, National Hugging Day always suggests at least asking first."

Stuck in a grey zone? Consult this article about the dos and don'ts of hugging.

It echoes some of the same wisdom: "Don't hug if you don't want to. The hug should be a special, memorable moment and should only be undertaken with the enthusiastic consent of both partners."

For what it's worth, the folks behind National Hugging Day offer an annual list of "The Most Huggable People." Scott Van Duzer tops this year's list. He's the guy who lifted up Obama and gave him a big bear hug.

Discussion time: What are your pet peeves about hugging?