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Harlem Shake: Best videos from the Chattahoochee Valley

We get it: Everybody and their mother has made a Harlem Shake video by now. But the Harlem Shake clips filmed in the Chattahoochee Valley still deserve some love.

I scoured YouTube to compile this roundup of the best locally filmed Harlem Shake videos. I'm sure I missed at least one standout video, so email me at if you'd like your clip added to the list.

That we go. Let's kick things off with this clip from Collision College Ministry, a Columbus-based group that's a ministry of Solid Rock Church.

Pretty cool, right? Moving on...the Harlem Shake seems especially popular among local high school groups. Here's a clip from Carver High School:

Here's the Harlem Shake, courtesy of Hardaway Baseball:

And the Harlem Shake, courtesy of Northside Baseball:

Here's a Harlem Shake video from Smiths Station High School:

And...Smiths Station High School Harlem Shake, part and basketball players perform the dance in Walmart:

Moving beyond high's a Harlem Shake clip that was apparently filmed at Columbus State University. It's the "presidential edition."

In this clip, the folks from WTVM perform the Harlem Shake:

Finally, here's a Harlem Shake video starring the local Stroller Strong Moms:

Which clip is your favorite?