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Sleep-deprived women are grumpier than men in the morning, study suggests

Women are more likely than men to end up in a bad mood due to sleep deprivation, a recent study suggests.

The New York Daily News summarizes the findings from Duke University researchers: "A new study finds that women are prone to waking up grumpier than men in the morning. The rationale: women just need more sleep, and if she's grumpy, chances are she's running short on mood-boosting zzzs."

But "a man's health didn't appear to be closely linked to how much he sleeps," according to researchers.

Does the news surprise you?

I don't have any scientific backing, but I'll go out on a limb and guess women in general are more sleep-deprived than men. It seems like it's easier for guys to shut off the outside world and fall asleep, while many women get into bed and dissect the day's events.

Either way, the aforementioned article offers a helpful hint. If you're feeling sleepy, take either a 25- or 90-minute nap. "Anything longer or shorter will make you feel worse when you wake up," a sleep expert explains.