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Fifty Years Ago Today, January 13, 1966

Big Still Blasted By U.S. Agents

Federal agents Wednesday dynamited 2,800 gallons of poisonous whisky mash near Junction City in one of the largest moonshine raids in Talbot County in recent years.

Total estimated haul in the raid: $3,500 in equipment and "makings," as well as a potential $5,000 in the un-tax-paid alcohol retail.


State highway officials Wednesday agreed to purchase limited-access rights along a 1.3-mile stretch of the Columbus-Manchester Expressway, but said it will be at least 18 months before construction can begin on a bridge to carry Gentian Boulevard traffic over the road.

Bond Seat Vacated

The House today quickly passed a resolution declaring a vacancy in the seat of Negro Rep.-elect Julian Bond to pave the way for a special election.

The House on Monday declared Bond disqualified to serve because he had said he approved of actions to avoid the military draft.