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Fifty Years Ago Today, January 19, 1966

Nehru's Daughter Is India Leader

Mrs. Indira Gandhi, daughter of the late Jawaharial Nehru, was elected today to be India's next prime minister, the first woman in modern times to head the government of a major nation.


A pre-dawn fire today destroyed an expensive home and drove a prominent man and his wife barefoot and clad only in pajamas, into 25-degree cold to escape the raging flames. Columbus Roberts Jr., president and manager of the local Coca-Cola Bottling Company, said the first warning he and his wife had was the sound of glass breaking from the intense heat around 5:30 a.m.

Carter: Fund Schools

Sen. Jimmy Carter of Plains is not satisfied with the $18.5 million supplemental appropriation bill offered by Gov. Carl Sanders. Carter wants considerably more -- about $4.5 million -- that he would distribute to local school systems for maintenance and operation. He maintains that many systems are being hit hard by the need to increase local participation in school costs and this would help ease the burden.