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Fifty Years Ago Today, January 21, 1966

Nurse Shortage Closes Unit

The new convalescent wing at The Medical Center is closed because of a shortage of nurses. Administrator Joseph W. Mitchell today said the 58-bed wing was closed some time ago when the hospital ran into a personnel shortage. He added that he would open it "in a second" if it could be staffed. Meanwhile, The Medical Center is referring non-emergency patients to other hospitals in the area almost daily.


The U.S. Bureau of Public Roads has approved limited access design for a 1.223 mile stretch of the Columbus-Manchester Expressway and has given the go-ahead for preliminary planning for an overpass at Gentian crossing.

Bo Hails Youths

A move among Georgia college students to show favorable support for the U.S. involvement in Viet Nam has received tribute here from Rep. Howard H. Callaway, R-Ga. The GOP lawmaker said in the House Thursday that Affirmation Viet Nam was a way of showing "emphatic and positive affirmation of the U.S. commitment in Viet Nam."