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Fifty Years Ago Today, January 25, 1966

Bill Would Ban Trading Stamps

Housewives in Georgia may have no further use for their trading stamp books after the present session of the General Assembly. A bill introduced today will -- if passed -- cut off their stamps. The measure, introduced by Reps. Jimmy NeSmith of Manchester and Bob Howard of Marietta, is aimed at helping the state's small merchants.

Gambling Bill

The Georgia Senate gets a chance today to decide "who's for gambling and who opposes it." That was the way Gov. Carl Sanders described the situation in urging that a vote be taken on a bill introduced by his floor leader, Sen. Julian Webb of Donalsonville.

Poll Tax

The federal government asks the Supreme Court today to outlaw poll taxes as a requirement for voting in state and local elections. "The principle of a tax on the right to vote is constitutionally indefensible," the government said in a brief filed with the court before a hearing on the Virginia poll tax.