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Fifty Years Ago Today, February 12, 1966

'Peace' Pickets Ready To March

Thousands of college students from cities and towns across Georgia streamed into Atlanta today for a rally in support of United States policy in Viet Nam. At the same time, peace groups completed preparations to picket the rally at the Atlanta Stadium as part of a nationwide demonstration against the U.S. war effort.

Bickerstaff Dies

William Jefferson Bickerstaff, 66, member of a prominent Columbus family, died at 1:50 a.m. today at St. Francis Hospital.

Viet Nam

The U.S. must stand up in Viet Nam -- or eventually it will have to stand up "in Thailand, the Philippines, Hawaii or on our own shores," Brig. Gen. George I. Forsythe, assistant commandant at Fort Benning's Infantry School, said Friday. Forsythe expressed the opinion in a speech to the Columbus Real Estate Board.