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Fifty Years Ago Today, February 14, 1966

Dem Blast Aimed at At Harry Jackson

The executive director of the Georgia Democratic Party took a poke at Muscogee Sen. Harry Jackson today for the statement that he will support Republican Congressman Howard (Bo) Callaway if he runs for governor "It is inconceivable to me that the posture of any good Democrat can be maintained if he refuses to support Democratic nominees, regardless of the office," Travis Stewart said in Atlanta.

Red 'Tribute'

The greatest tribute to the Boy Scouts of America was paid by Pravda recently when the official Russian news agency singled out the organization in a blistering tirade, Dick Graham, Scout director for Russell County, told Phenix Lions Club members. Graham read a transcript from a Pravda story in which the Scout movement was characterized as youthful military organization which specializes in germ warfare and espionage work.