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Fifty Years Ago Today, February 19, 1966

Callaway Still Won't Reveal Plans

Third district U.S. Rep. Howard (Bo) Callaway said Friday that Democrats who announce as candidates for his post on the assumption that he will not seek re-election may be in for a surprise. He made it clear, however, that he still has made no decision on whether to run for governor or to seek a second term in Congress.

Gambling Bill

A tenacious Georgia legislature adjourned its clock-stopping 1966 session early today after enacting a strong antigambling bill and approving a plan to allow merger of schools across county lines. It was the longest final legislative day in three decades.

Parental Liability

The Georgia Senate Friday voted 38-0 to pass Muscogee Rep. Milton Jones' bill to make parents liable for willful and wanton acts of children which result in personal injuries to others. The measure had been passed earlier by the House of Representatives and now needs only the signature of Gov. Carl Sanders to become law.