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Fifty Years Ago Today, February 20, 1966

36 Pageant Officials Honored

Muscogee Sen. Harry Jackson presented handsomely engraved citizenship certificates to 36 "new" Georgians. Jackson commissioned Miss Lenora Slaughter, executive director of the Miss America Pageant, and the famed pageant's president, John Rowe, "colonels" on the governor's staff. Jackson saluted Miss Slaughter as one who "has meant so much to the United States, to Georgia and particularly to Columbus, the home of the Miss Georgia Pageant."

Julian Bond

The Georgia House adopted an 11th-hour rule change Friday night designed to prevent Julian Bond from claiming a seat following a special election.

Gallup Poll

Over a period of many months, the Democratic Party has steadily lost ground with the nation's voters as the party more likely to keep the country out of a third world war. Today the Democratic margin over the Republican party is narrow.