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Fifty Years Ago Today, February 21, 1966

Nimitz Dies; Led Victory Over Japan

Fleet Adm. Chester W. Nimitz, who took command of the U.S. Pacific Fleet after Pearl Harbor and led it to victory over Japan, died Sunday at his naval base home. He was 86. Nimitz was the Navy's highest ranking officer and its oldest active member -- he never retired.

Deadly AU Fire

The body of an Auburn University sophomore was found Sunday afternoon after a raging fire swept through a fraternity house Saturday night. He was identified as James Ladd Turner, 21, of Memphis, Tenn. Auburn Fire Chief Ellis Mitchell said the cause of the fire at Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house was unknown. It started in a basement room, he said.

France out of NATO?

President Charles de Gaulle said today any foreign troop elements in France after April 4, 1969, will have to be under French command only. That is the date when members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization can choose to leave NATO.