GEORGEA KOVANIS: Vera happy to go shopping at Kohl's

I'm going to Kohl's today and here's why:

Designer Vera Wang's new and modestly priced line - clothing, accessories, lingerie, jewelry, linens and towels and rugs for the bath - debuts there today, and it looks absolutely fabulous!

I know, it's an odd pairing: Kohl's and Vera Wang, the big-time designer behind Simply Vera.

Wang is probably best known for her delicious and often hugely expensive bridal gowns - Jennifer Lopez wore one when she married Marc Anthony. Wang does Oscar gowns, too, including the plum-colored mermaid number actress Keira Knightley wore last year. Kohl's is a value-oriented mass retailer with price scanners, shopping carts and great deals on gym shoes and picture frames.

Adding Wang's Simply Vera collection is a stunning example of the democratization of fashion - opening up perceived luxury to women of more modest means.

Or maybe it's the beginning of the end for Wang's prestigious name. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Wang said she was nervous about the pairing: "Of course it is nerve-racking. I have never gone this path, so it is a big job for me. I don't consider it a jump down, I consider it a jump across to a much bigger world."

In theory, it's a win-win: Wang gets a brand new customer base, and Kohl's gives shoppers the opportunity to buy something most can't easily afford elsewhere.

The Simply Vera clothing (sizes 4-16 and S-XL) is fashionable - lots of layering pieces including leggings, metallics, bubble skirts, swingy coats - and big city without being impractical or intimidating.

Among the offerings: a very current, sophisticated short-sleeved coat for $128; leather ankle boots for about $90; five-pocket jeans for $50; panties for $14.

Especially darling: patent frame handbags for $69.99.

Some of the bedding looks absolutely spa-like. Sheets sets - 300-thread-count Egyptian cotton - start at $119.

The most expensive piece in the Simply Vera line is an $850 bracelet that's 18-karat gold over sterling silver. To be honest, Kohl's isn't the first place I'd look if I had hundreds of dollars to spend on jewelry.

Still, shopping is all about options, and Simply Vera at Kohl's is one I'm happy to have.