Make exercise a family affair

Childhood obesity is an epidemic, so you're seeking to make fitness a family affair. You want to inspire your children to make healthy lifestyle choices. You want to include them in your exercise routine. How?

Simple. Make it fun and make it frequent.

If you're going for a run, have your child ride a bike along side you. Jump rope to music together. Shoot some hoops or play a fitness board game. Introduce the kids to weights.

With that in mind, the Loews Hotels have teamed up with Fisher Price to make sure that families have fun with exercise while on vacation. Young children are introduced to cardiovascular exercise in their own gyms equipped with Smart Cycles (not available in toy stores yet), Hula Hoops, jump ropes, and rocking horses.

With Smart Cycles, Fisher Price has taken video games from passive to active (Thank God!), with technology that requires physical responses so more than your fingers get a workout. You can do your cardio in the hotel gym, while your children do theirs with Dora's Friendship Adventure, Sponge Bob's Ocean Adventure or Barbie Fairytopia in their own gym with supervised instructors. Now, that's fun!