Turning friendship into romance after 50

It is important to be really systematic in turning friendship into romance. Friendship and romance are inseparable in many cases, but it is not for everyone.

Many people are enjoying romance that started with friendship long ago.

Caution: On the other hand, the diametrically opposite situation might happen - you might lose your intimate friend in the mire of romance. I believe, within reason, everyone should follow what our mind directs us to do. If you feel you would like to make a romantic relationship with your friend, do not hesitate to move forward.


Just think of this situation - you have a friend, who understands you well, who knows you and would stand beside you in all situations; he/she is certainly the perfect match for your romantic life.


He/she might take the relationship for granted at the beginning...and you may have to face a false situation. If you are honest about your aims and objectives, do not hesitate! If you know each other well from earlier days and it is assumed that the relationship that exists between you can never be altered, proceed. A true friend can bring success, happiness and all the treasures in life. If you are sincere about moving your relationship to romance, nothing can stop that.


Most people assume many things at the beginning of any friendship. They might start daydreaming and imagine all sorts of things. If you think you might not be ready to start a romantic relationship with your close friend...don't rush it and wait for the right time. If he/she does not want to change the equation of the relationship immediately, don't worry. Keep trying and you might get the result you are after. Faith and honesty can work to your advantage.


It might be necessary to make some changes in yourself to transfer your relationship from friendship to romance. Nothing drastic. You might try a different look - dress a little snazzier and try a new perfume or cologne. The important thing is that he/she can observe some changes in you. Be realistic and create an opportunity for him/her to come closer to you.


Wait for the perfect time - hold his/her hand and kiss. If he/she responds with your gesture, carry on kissing in different places (be imaginative). Be direct with him/her and make no hesitation in asking for a date. You need to be practical enough to judge the perfect time and place and of course, the mental state of the one you are pursuing. Be true to your heart and do not fear rejection. Keep a positive outlook

If he/she shows positive signs of wanting a romance, move to the next step: Give him/her little romantic gifts and suggest eating at favorite restaurants. When you have the time, take walks in a nearby park or at the riverside. Speak in romantic tones and bring up fun memories of the past.


Be open to listening to the emotional stories of his/her life. Sit close so that your bodies touch. Look for small opportunities to stimulate physically as well as emotionally - if you can do this, you are practically there.


Be free from hesitation and enjoy the ultimate friendship through making love.