Trend is tricking out your ATV with all the latest gear

As the big fall hunting seasons near, Texans aren't just oiling their guns and setting their scopes.

More and more hunters use all-terrain vehicles, and outdoors outlets such as Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's and Gander Mountain have geared up for hunters who want to add extras to their ATVs.

More accessories for four-wheelers are available today than ever before. Everything from drink holders to spotlights to GPS units to winches can be added. In fact, an ATV can be turned into a virtual mobile hunting blind.

Mike Ballard, a training specialist for Cabela's, said the rush actually begins a month or two before the season. (Deer season opens Nov. 3 in much of the state of Texas.)

"It happens every year," he said. "As soon as the hunting seasons are about to open, everyone wants to start adding things to their ATVs."

Choosing brands or styles of accessory is a lot like buying rifles and shotguns. Prices vary widely, but, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

If you're shopping for a particular accessory for your ATV, ask questions. If you know of someone who has had experience with that item, ask them how well it is worked for them. Look for quality, a warranty and whether the item will adapt easily on your ATV.

Ready to hit the stores? Grab your wallet and hold on. Here are a dozen of some of the most popular items ATV hunters are going after (remember that there are numerous other brands on the market; these are brands and prices from Cabela's):

Camo tape kit: $16.99-$64.99. Camouflage part or all of the ATV.

Kolpin ATV Gun Grips II: $28.99. Handy for securely carrying rifle or shotgun or implements such as shovels, weed-eaters and truck jacks.

Back-up light: $29.99. Lights the area behind the ATV. This 35-watt H3 halogen light comes with a universal mounting bracket, making it adaptable to any ATV.

Kolpin Fuel and Water Packs: $49.99-$89.99. Handy flat tanks can hold extra water or fuel, can be strapped to any front or rear rack and are sturdy enough to support gear strapped on top of them.

Swivel-mounted spotlight: $54.99-$64.99. Size and brightness vary. Some can be removed from their bases to shine across broader areas.

Doskocil ATV Field Gun Case: $59.99. Protects rifles from rough terrain and weather.

Cabela's ATV Rear Flat Rack: $139.99. Great for carrying sacks of corn or other large items.

Seclusion 3D ATV Blind: $149.99. Keep a hunt mobile with a waterproof blind that attaches to the rear rack with U-bolts and slides into position in seconds. Folds down and out of the way with lashing straps.

Kolpin ATV Stealth Exhaust System: $199.99. Adds a second muffler to make yours the quietest ATV in the woods.

Warn ATV winches: $249.99-$509.99. Wide range of winches to choose from to pull loaded ATV out of mudholes and other hazards, retrieve game or help others.

Warn-Two-Wheel Drive Selector: $299.99. A simple pull of the cable changes an ATV to two-wheel drive for better maneuverability when four-wheel drive is not needed.

ATV Disc and Optional Cultivator Adapter: $999.98. Building food plots is easy with this handy pull-behind implement.