CARLEY RONEY: Using registry gifts before the wedding

Q: We've already received many gifts from our registries eventhough our wedding isn't for another few months. Is it OK to use them?

A: We would never have you to wait to fire up that fancy new Dutchoven or dry off in those fluffy monogrammed towels.

One of the fun things about online wedding registries is that giftstrickle in over the course of many months, both before and after yourwedding, so you get to savor each new gift as it arrives (and promptlywrite a thank-you note in return).

However, hold off on entertaining with your china, silver orcrystal until after the wedding - a suggestion that's driven less byetiquette rules than by sentimental considerations. Since your mostformal tableware is what you plan to use for the biggest meals of yourmarried life together, it will feel more special if you wait untilyou're officially husband and wife to initiate these pieces.