GEORGEA KOVANIS: Soap may give you a morning jolt

Good morning, shoppers. Get ready for a cartload of news.


Have a tough time getting going in the mornings?

Here's something interesting: caffeinated soap.

It's for real. It's called Shower Shock and is an all-vegetable-based soap scented with peppermint and infused with caffeine!

You're skin is supposed to absorb the caffeine and you leave the shower all perked up.

It's available at, a site that describes itself as a source of "stuff that would appeal to the thousands of people out there who were on the front line and in the trenches as the Internet was forged."

It's $6.99 a bar.


It's so difficult to find something that's pretty yet substantive, but I held out hope for these adorable and very festive white chocolate truffle bonnets.


They're handmade by Moonstruck Chocolate and they're available for Mother's Day.

Flavors: raspberry frappe, lemon mousse, orange mousse, and summer mint tea.

They look better than they taste, but they might be a good conversation starter.

They're $24 for eight. Available at


If you're in need of a tiara or a veil -- the kind worn by brides, not princesses in mourning -- may be able to help.

The site offers veils in 10 colors (white, diamond white, light ivory, etc.), 10 edge finishes and six lengths. Combined with a variety of layers and other embellishments, offers about 250,000 veil and headpiece combos.

The site is a little creepy. The veils are shown on a mannequin who looks dead. But once you get past that, the site is fairly easy to navigate.

The average veil and headpiece set costs $120.