Home workout: '15 Minute' fitness series

"15 Minute" fitness series

(DK Publishing, $17.95 each)

No time to go to the gym and exercise? Don't despair. If you can only do a little, do it a lot, and if you can't get to the gym, do it at home.

That's the idea behind DK's colorful new "15 Minute" series. The four titles include photo-illustrated softback books that clearly show you the steps in the various exercises: Gentle Yoga, Everyday Pilates, a Better Back, and a Total Body Workout. Each book also contains a DVD to walk you through each of the four "mini workouts."

Details: Each book is 128 pages of step-by-step illustrations, checklists, modifications and tips, plus a DVD.

What do we like best about them? Each book includes a "gatefold," a four-page foldout chart with quick summaries of the entire routine. Lay these out on the floor next to you for reference until you memorize the workout routines. The gatefolds make it easier to trim the workouts down to 15 minutes each, after viewing the introductory DVD and the detailed illustrations.

Who is the author? Four trainers/physical therapists, one for each book - Joan Pagano, Alycea Ungaro, Suzanne Martin and Louise Grime.

Where do you get them? Any major bookstore, or at