Buy fresh fish that's not fishy

John Chapiewski, the executive chef at the Hilton Garden Inn, begins his first video lesson on today's Web site. After working in Miami for several years, he learned how to work with seafood. In his first video, Chapiewski tells viewers how to choose the freshest fish in the market.

Chapiewski, 33, who was born and reared in Miami, trained for four years at the north Miami campus of the College of Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University. He spent four years at Miami's legendary Fontainebleau Resort before heading to Detroit to work in two restaurants.

He says he learned to cook "Flo-ribbean" while in Miami and considers seafood his strong point. Here are some tips: • Do not be afraid to ask the person behind the seafood counter if you can handle the fish. • Make sure the eyes are bulging and are clear. If the eyes are sunken, choose a different fish. • Look at the gills. Open them up and make sure they are red. • Use your nose; "A fish should have no odor," Chapiewski said. • The fish should feel a little slimy. If the fish is dry, it's old. • The fish should be firm to the touch.