Make the perfect fish sandwich

John Chapiewski, the executive chef at the Hilton Garden Inn, has his second video lesson online today. After working in Miami for several years, he learned how to work with seafood. In this video lesson, Chapiewski tells how to filet a fish and then prepares it for a sandwich.

Chapiewski, 33, who was born and reared in Miami, trained for four years at the north Miami campus of the College of Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University.

Here are some tips on making a fish sandwich:

  • Hold the fish firmly by the tail. Put the tip of your knife into the fish at the very end of the tail. Then make a horizontal cut, using the spine of the fish as a guide. Flip the fish over and do it again. Trim the fish to fit the bun, if desired.
  • Take the filet, sprinkle with salt, white pepper, Cajun spices and paprika.
  • Coat the fish with crushed saltine crackers.
  • Saute in a hot pan with a little butter until they’re crisp on each side.
  • Put fish in an oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.
  • Slather half the bun with mayonnaise and sweet Thai chili sauce. Put the fish on top of the bun. Top the filet with lettuce, tomato and coleslaw.
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