Catching up with Gaby, Meredith and House

Finally. New episodes of our favorite TV shows are coming back. So you’ll have to give up all that book-reading you were doing during the writers’ strike, right? Here’s a list of some returning shows and a guide to catching up on their plot lines.

“Law & Order: SVU’’ (NBC)

Return date: Tonight Episodes left: 5 Pre-strike: Benson wants to be a mother, but she was turned down as an adoptive parent. What’s next: Benson has a surprise for Stabler about her romantic life. Also, Robin Williams will guest star later this month as a bad guy.

“Brothers & Sisters’’ (ABC)

Return date: April 20 Episodes left: 4 Pre-strike: Kevin and Scotty continued to get serious, and Rebecca wondered if David (Ken Olin) was her real father. What’s next: If they aren’t really half-siblings, Justin and Rebecca could, you know, get together. Kitty and Robert are going to start fertility treatments.

“Gossip Girl’’ (CW)

Return date: April 21 Episodes left: 5 Pre-strike: The wealthy Blair was knocked off her throne by the merely rich Jenny, and Serena coaxed the shamed Blair into staying in New York. What’s next: A Jenny-Blair smackdown. Also, we learn the real reason Serena left New York, and Nate and Vanessa get close.

“Ugly Betty’’ (ABC)

Return date: April 24 Episodes left: 5 Pre-strike: Wilhelmina, ousted from Mode, got Christina to carry her child, whose father was the late Bradford Meade. What’s next: Wilhelmina will return to Mode, and her little dog (Marc), too. The love triangle between Betty, Henry, and Gio will heat up.

“Lost’’ (ABC)

Return date: April 24 Episodes left: 5 Pre-strike: Michael made it home with Walt, and now he’s Ben’s spy on the freighter — or he was, until Sayid outed him. Rousseau and Karl appear to be dead. What’s next: We’ll find out how the Oceanic 6 got off the island, and what happened to those who stayed. We’ll also learn who is in the coffin.

“Grey’s Anatomy’’ (ABC)

Return date: April 24 Episodes left: 5 Pre-strike: When Meredith finds out that Derek canoodled with Rose, she thinks twice about moving into his dream house. What’s next: She thinks twice, and then a third time: Meredith and Derek, happy at last. George and Izzie try to be just friends.

“House’’ (Fox)

Return date: April 28 Episodes left: 4 Pre-strike: House chose his new team, and he learned that Wilson and Amber are a couple. What’s next: Can Amber and House share Wilson peacefully? House thinks one of his favorite soap stars is sick.