Don't be afraid to add a splash of color

With warmer temps here, it's only fitting that the latest fashion trends are marked by brilliant colors that sizzle.

Apple green. Cherry red. Lemon yellow. Luscious tangerine.

The shades are bright, bold and screaming for attention. Presented in mod prints and feminine cuts, these colors pop day or night, whether you're running a midday errand or meeting friends for cocktails.

If you're searching for the key ingredient to spice up your spring wardrobe, look no further than the dress. Demure baby dolls, '60s-inspired shifts, all-occasion shirtdresses and voluminous trapeze dresses are everywhere, available in romantic layers of silk, laid-back knits or soft spun jersey.

As hemlines go shorter this year, get your stems ready and don't be afraid to show a little leg. If you prefer your gams kept under wraps, consider baring a bit of your neckline, choosing from a variety of saucy strapless and halter dress alternatives.

While the festive colors are an instant mood-lifter and a surefire way to draw you into the fitting room, there is a small touch we love about so many of the dresses and skirts this season: hidden side pockets. Maybe you don't use them, but they're there if you need them.

Dresses and separates aren't the only fashion pieces living it up in vivid shades this season. If you're still into basic black, you can always add a punch of color with a stack of richly toned chunky bangles, ropes of colored beads and shoes of all heights.

Keep your hair simple and off the face with headbands, a fun, flirty way to top off a look with little effort. From crayon-inspired colors to black patent, go thin or go wide for the most impact. Feel free to layer them, like you would bangles, wearing two or even three at a time.

So don't be shy when it comes to color ... the world of fashion seems fresh and alive again.