Newest nightclub H20 ready to make a splash this weekend

You've stared at the hot spot for months, wondering if it really occupies two levels.

Now, it's finally time to go inside.

New nightlife venue H20 opens its doors to partiers for a grand opening Friday. It occupies the space that formerly was Muldoon's, which closed around January.

While the address remained the same, the interior changed dramatically. From a design standpoint, the hot spot has many draws unique to the Columbus-area party scene.

It boasts two stories, the upper level of which includes a lounge-like bar area that's set off from the main club.

Here, partiers walk in and out of glass doors and watch the entertainment through glass windows. But they don't have to worry as much about immersion in loud music.

Also on the second level? A stage from which bands perform, overlooking partiers on the lower dance floor area. We spotted the DJ booth on the ground floor.

If enjoying the music from the dance floor or one of the venue’s many tables doesn’t satisfy your party urges, there’s another spot from which you can enjoy the scenery.

The stripper pole.

Located on the bar’s second floor, it sits directly across the room from the live music stage. The pole drew a variety of women in short shorts and sparkly tops last Friday — plus the inevitable handful of men.

Then, of course, there are the light shows — another major element in the hot spot’s uniqueness. Partiers dance under hues ranging from blue to pink to green.

You can also expect large TV screens throughout the club, which last Friday night played music videos featuring mainly Top 40 tunes.

There’s not an exclusively upscale vibe here, but you can expect a dress code. Collared shirts are recommended for guys. When we visited, bartenders wore matching outfits.

As far as cocktails go, you’ll choose from the standard variety of beer and mixed drinks. This weekend, bartenders will serve up a special drink, the H20 Splash, for the club’s grand opening.

You can catch a peek at H20 on Friday and Saturday night. Eventually, the bar will be open during weeknights as well, we’re told.

Will partiers want to get their feet wet at this nightlife newbie? Well, H2O certainly has its draws.

The huge interior will likely appeal to partiers adverse to the packed-in feel of smaller dance clubs. And visually, H20 is a “pretty” club, one that makes many party goers feel instantly cooler just by association.