New book on kayak fishing covers all the angles

Kayak fishing is one of the fastest-growing forms of angling. It offers a way to approach fish stealthily, get into waters where bigger boats can't go and the amazing fun of being towed around by fish as small as bass.

But it also leaves a lot of anglers who'd like to get into it scratching their heads over what kind of boat to buy, how to equip it for fishing and what other gear they'll need.

Those questions and more are answered in "Kayak Fishing: The Ultimate Guide," by Texas kayak guide Scot Null and Colorado paddling and fishing fanatic Joel McBride.

It's an oversized paperback that covers both fresh and saltwater angling, which isn't overkill for Michigan fishermen, because once they've learned the fun of fishing using a kayak, a lot of them are going to want to head south in the winter to test their skills against some famed saltwater species.

Null and McBride can save novices from mistakes such as running out of drinking water far from shore on a hot day and pulling a back muscle by improperly picking up the kayak.

There's a short, but practical, section on fly-fishing from a kayak, as well as advice on something that a lot of new fishing paddlers learn they should have given more thought to - picking the right seat.

The book also has a lot of instructional photos.

"Kayak Fishing: The Ultimate Guide" is published by Heliconia Press. The 131-page book sells for $19.95.