Bear believed responsible for Anchorage park attack killed

The grizzly that mauled Anchorage resident Clivia Feliz in Far North Bicentennial Park on Aug. 8 is believed to be dead, according to Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials.

The sow was shot over the carcass of a trophy bull moose in Anchorage's Stuckagain Heights neighborhood Tuesday morning around 9:30, said agency spokesman Bruce Bartley.

Her two cubs provided the identification. Remote cameras placed along Rover's Run Trail — where the 51-year-old Felix was attacked and other park users chased — captured photos of a cub with a distinctive, white collar of fur.

Such collars are common on very young grizzly cubs, and the unique nature of this one made it possible to identify the cub as one of a pair frequenting Rover's Run with their mother.

On Monday, Bartley said, a team of biologists and others from Fish and Game spent a lot of time outside a Stuckagain home watching a cub with a similar neck collar. In the end, he said, there was agreement that the cub on a moose kill with its mother in the yard was one of the cubs thought to have been along Rover's when Feliz was attacked.

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