2 acts, 2 sounds for every split music personality

Don't worry if you've got a split personality when it comes to music, especially this weekend. I'm a hardcore indie fan constantly searching for something new, but I also love some Bruce Springsteen when I'm feeling a little blue on the collar.

On Oct. 17-18, two acts will be in town that appeal to both.

The Ian McFeron Band will play Ice Harbor Brewing Co. on Oct. 17, bringing their dark-roasted, folk-rock blend from Seattle. I've been listening to them quite a bit the last couple of days, mostly because I can’t shake how much they remind me of Billy Pilgrim. Remember them? They were an early '90s duo (some called 'em the Indigo Boys) who just wrote good songs you couldn't help but hum along with. One of the members, Kristian Bush, is now a part of Sugarland, though that's no indication of the sound of his prior incarnation.

The Ian McFeron Band fits this mold, nothing that'll make your jaw drop, but tunes that you'll definitely love to hear with a glass of beer in hand. Showtime is 7:30 p.m. and there's no cover.

On Oct. 18, The Red Room is putting on a show (Really? They're playing here?) with Canadian bands The Acorn and Ohbijou plus Portland's The Shaky Hands. This'll appeal to your more experimental side.

The Acorn, from Ottawa, released a true concept album last year. And from what I've been reading on, the album is a retelling of his mother's story as an orphan in Honduras and her subsequent immigration to Canada years later. But after a listen, the grand scale of the idea doesn't weigh it down -- it's just jangly guitars, ethnic beats coupled with lead singer Rolf Klausener's hushed vocals. The band isn't in the pantheon of Canadian indie royalty with Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire yet, but they may not be too far behind.

Ohbijou and The Shaky Hands are a little more straightforward, but no less indie in their approach. Ohbijou's Casey Mecija’s adorable voice is a cousin to Sixpence None the Richer's Leigh Nash and much of their stuff seems to be piano-driven pop. And The Shaky Hands crank up the amps a bit and let their guitars do the talking.

The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are $5 in advance or $8 at the door. For more information, go to