In Kansas, voters have many reasons for going to polls early

Some are eager to cast a presidential ballot. Some just want to beat the rush. And some, like Brenda Gillmore of Cheney, just suddenly think it's a good idea.

"I was in Wichita today driving by the zoo and thought I'd just vote in advance," said Gillmore, who voted Thursday at the Sedgwick County Zoo.

Whatever the reasons, record numbers of Sedgwick County residents are voting early.

About half the people expected to vote in this election -- 104,000 out of 208,000 -- will have done so before Tuesday's Election Day, said Bill Gale, the county's election commissioner.

In the 2004 general presidential election, 25,903 voters voted early in Sedgwick County. That was 14.3 percent of the county's total number of voters.

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