Treating yourself on Halloween weekend isn't tricky

Finally, the long "Weekend Picks" hiatus of our discontent is over and we can return to a simpler time, a more festive time, when the community would come to for social sustenance.

What do I recommend for the weary traveler this weekend after such a long break? Well, as you can guess, it involves alcohol.

First, get out the fishnets and don your best Sarah Palin costume before heading downtown Friday night. Whisky Bent, one of the few local bands that shouldn't be shot, is playing on Broadway.

At the same time, revelers will be sipping their respective nectars from numerous establishments that cascade across the downtown scene. I recommend Oxygen. The women there will have the most revealing costumes.

Second, get home early enough so you can appear at Steeplechase at a decent hour. Held at Callaway Gardens, it's the annual gala that allows the commonfolk to pretend they're cultured for a day. I intend to peer loathingly at my lessers while sipping boxed wine. Find more information at

You're likely too hung over to do much of anything Sunday, so pull out a copy of the Ledger Enquirer (which I know you subscribe to) or visit and examine the various political races you'll be voting on Tuesday. Learn about the candidates and the offices they're running for and make an educated decision. On Tuesday, do something about it.

— Alan Riquelmy

With the right pair of fishnets and a couple new fake tattoos, you, too, can breathe new life into last year's Amy Winehouse costume.

Throw something together and enjoy this year's wealth of Halloween festivities. Here are three standout picks from the lineup:

Looking to see some skin? You won't go wrong with Friday's downtown block party. One cover (usually $7-$10) gets you into the majority of Broadway hot spots. Bounce back and forth enough and you might see something that rivals the thong-clad devil who hit Broadway last year.

If you're more concerned with things that go bump in the night, hit up the Friday party at Pop-A-Top, 210 32nd St. But here's a spoiler: The bar is hardly as scary as its exterior suggests. Inside, you'll just find a crowd of friendly people and some free hot dogs and hamburgers. Not to mention a bunch of cool stuff on the wall. Party starts around 7 p.m. No cover.

Finally, if your "best costume" hopes are shattered Friday, go to H2O the next night for one of the few local Saturday Halloween parties. You can win up to $1,000 in cash prizes for your costume. Register by 10 p.m. The bar's at 6499 Veterans Parkway and cover is $5 costumed and $10 non-costumed.

— Sonya Sorich