Carter's Back Porch has its butts in gear

It’s a family affair at Carter’s Back Porch Barbecue.

Frederick Carter owns the restaurant, on the corner of Dillingham and Broad streets in Phenix city, and his father Melvin still helps him cook. Melvin was the original owner. Michelle Carter, Melvin’s daughter manages "Back Porch." Her daughter, Gabriel Porch, also works there.

They’ve been in this location six years.

Their specialty?

"Ribs and butts," Frederick Carter said.

In fact, their nickname is "Where Butts and Ribs are Smokin’.”


605 Dillingham St., Phenix City; 334-297-1300

Hours: 10:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Saturday. Closed Sunday

Main dishes: Scrambled dog; junkyard dog; hot dog; chili; sandwiches (barbecue and chicken); meat plates with sides.

Sides: Baked beans; loaded potato or plain potato; salads; chips; and fries.

Beverages: Tea (sweet and unsweet); and bottled Coke products.

Desserts: Brownies, pecan and lemon pie.

The bottom line: Carter’s won’t break your wallet. A barbecue pork sandwich is $2.79. Scrambled dogs (a regional specialty that combines two hot dogs on a bun, smothered with chili, onions, pickles and oyster crackers) cost $3.79. Desserts range from 99 cents for a brownie to $1.49 for a piece of pie. Pork by the pound costs $8. Salads start at $3.49 for the basic garden variety, and $5.99 for smoked chicken or BBQ.

Saucy: Carter’s sells barbecue sauces for $4 per quart and $15 for a gallon.

Note: Party trays available. Carter’s is also able to smoke your ribs, Boston butts, hams or turkeys for $9 each.