What's going on this weekend?

And they, since they were not the one dead, turned to their affairs.

I'm recently back from the dead after a shocking, nay, fatal Halloween and here to give you the lowdown on another weekend in C-town.

Things appear pretty weak on this, the first weekend after a presidential election. Maybe everyone's tired and shagged out following All Saint's Day, voting and whatnot but there's still good times to be had.

First, lounge on down to The Loft on Broadway this Friday for one of my faves - Peggy Jenkins and the Bizness. They start at 9 p.m. It's part of the Friday block party in which one cover gets you into the majority of Broadway bars. Print out a copy of this article, bring it to the bartender there and ask her to slap you. See what happens.

On Saturday, check out poker at SoHo at 3 p.m. I'm not saying the prizes are as good as Shanty Shack or H2O, but it's a good scene and not everyone can play cards on a Tuesday or Wednesday night.

Sunday, spend a cool afternoon with the window open and your Internet browser on searching for that perfect home you'll never be able to afford.

—Alan Riquelmy

So even after a year of practice, you still don't know how to crank dat. No problem.

Fortunately, awkward body gyrations aren't confined to activities involving Supermaning. Check out this weekend's calendar:

Friday and Saturday, download a techno remix of your favorite Enrique Iglesias song and check out the Georgia High School Association State Cheerleading Championships in the Columbus Civic Center. The action starts at 9 a.m.

It's $10, plus $5 for parking, but with over 140 squads participating, you're really just paying a few cents per team. Not to mention the priceless value of glitter makeup-accompanied images of agony and defeat.

Then, make a quick trip to Aqua Nightclub, 1812 Midtown Drive, to pick up your tickets for the Dec. 12 Chippendales show. They're $15 in advance, $20 at the show and $25 for VIP — no extra charge for unlimited hip swivels to choruses of "It's Raining Men."

Finally, show the world you're not just a cage-dancing groupie and audition Sunday for the Columbus Lady Lions dance team. The action starts at noon. Participants must be at least 18 years old. Learn more at

—Sonya Sorich