Tensions over Obama's victory still high in Texas

The two-year presidential campaign may have ended Tuesday night, but some tensions are apparently still running high in Tarrant County and Texas after Barack Obama’s election.

There were reports of racial confrontations that did happen and rapidly spread rumors of some that didn’t.

Texas Christian University received word of a half-dozen instances of racial epithets being used in conversations about the president-elect and one report of an Obama poster being torn off a student’s door at a residence hall, officials said.

This was a day after officials at Baylor University in Waco reported three racially motivated incidents, including a rope hanging in a tree, and a University of Texas football player was kicked off the team for posting a racist election reaction on a social networking Web site.

Don Mills, TCU vice chancellor for student affairs, sent an e-mail to students Thursday telling them that racial language will not be "tolerated, condoned or overlooked."

"We just really want to be proactive because of what happened at Baylor," Mills said.

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