Roonie G promises ‘sensory overload’

Catch DJ Roonie G in action and your eyes will get just as strong a workout as the rest of your body. That’s because the show includes not only music, but videos that are paired with the songs he’s remixed. We’re not just talking typical music videos, either. At his Web site (www., you’ll spot the cast of “Grease” dancing to a tune “mashed up” with music by Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. Roonie G calls Columbus home, but he spends much of his time showcasing his unique skills in places like Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Atlantic City.

He’ll take a break from his jetsetting lifestyle to perform at Columbus hot spot H2O Friday. He promises a “sensory overload,” plus “a nightclub experience that’s above and beyond what your expectations are.”

“I feel I am a good representation of all the elements of a DJ. I play with my heart. I play with my soul,” said Roonie G, who industry magazine DJ Times recently named one of its top 10 DJs in the country.

He’ll have copies of his mix CD, “One Night in Vegas,” available at the Columbus show for $10.