Nominate your holiday display for a contest

You’ve battled uncooperative light bulbs, fought inflatable snowmen and spent hours getting an animatronic penguin to mouth “happy holidays.”

Now, your moment of glory has arrived.

It’s time for the Ledger-Enquirer to showcase the best holiday lights, and we want you to nominate your favorite local homes.

We’re looking for the displays that catch drivers’ eyes. The outdoor scenes featuring Santa’s workshops that rival the North Pole.

Recommend a home by calling 706-571-8516 or e-mailing

All nominations must be received by 9 a.m. Monday, Dec. 8. Nominations should be accompanied by an address, contact person and phone number for the home.

Feel free to submit homes other than your own — as long as you can provide the required information.

Once your home has been nominated, you’ll get information on when it will be judged.

Standout displays will be featured on an interactive map at, and in an upcoming issue of To Do.