A few tidbits from a very messy desk

It was seven years ago when the Springer Opera House produced “Peter Pan.”

I can’t remember who called me, but I think it was Sara Ketchum, who was the public relations manager at the time. She’s back at the Springer as the development director.

Anyway, someone, Sara, maybe, asked if I’d like to fly like Pan.

“Of course,” I said.

I rushed over there. Christopher Wright was playing the role of Peter, and we were about the same size and weight. Yeah, I know. Not that Christopher is that much bigger than I am, it’s just that I’m pathetically overweight.

I could fit in his harness, so I got strapped in and got to fly like Peter Pan. It was so much fun.

The people who developed the rigging system is a family named Foy. So the company, Flying by Foy, has to come to every theater that contracts their services to set up all the rigging and train the actors and the technicians backstage to use the equipment.

The company has been “flying” actors around on stage for more than 50 years.

Even though I was in street clothes and there was no one in the audience, it was great flying around the Springer stage.

Matt Bonaker was the trained tech back then and he only banged me into the wall twice. I guess I was just a little lighter than Christopher.

This production of “Peter Pan,” which begins on Friday, features Summer McCusker as Peter Pan. Now, Summer is tiny. I mean tiny.

When they were costuming “Seussical,” the costumer had to find jeans small enough for her. She ended up going to the little boys’ department at Sears and buying Toughskins that were a size 8.

I should be that thin!

I’ve known Summer for several years and she’s a wonderful young woman and a great actor. You’re going to love her as the boy who won’t grow up.Globetrotting artist

I got a call the other day from Bruno Zupan, the wonderful artist who makes his home in Columbus part of the year. The rest of the time, he and his beautiful wife, Jane, live in Mallorca, Paris and Venice. What a life to be envious of!

He said he’s got an exhibit of recent paintings displayed in the Weinstein Gallery in San Francisco.

If by chance, you’re going to that part of California, stop by and look at his work. It will be up until Dec. 6.

He has work in a group exhibit in the Onessimo Gallery in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. It will be up through Dec. 21.

In April, he’ll have another exhibit in Boston.

Modestly, Zupan said he’s been “quite active.”

I’ll say. I can’t wait to see another one of his shows in Columbus.

When the Columbus Museum had an exhibit of his work some years ago, his reception set museum records. The museum had to turn people away at one point.