Eyes white open

Admittedly, white sunglasses are not for everyone. But then neither are skinny jeans, baby doll dresses or any other fashion trend that comes around and goes around.

For women, add a sleek hairdo, red lips and preferably a convertible for the ultimate in sexiness. The look is both rich and playful, and there are enough shape options to fit any face. For guys, you need a bit of confidence to pull off this look (think really short hair or punk-rock style a la the late Kurt Cobain). Choose from oversized plastic or a more muted look with slim earpieces in unexpected materials such as leather or animal horn.

While we think Chanel does it best, don't overlook fashion-friendly stores such as Target, where Isaac Mizrahi's big rectangle frames with smoke lenses list for $19.99. And Costco's online store offers a pearlized pair of Pradas for less than $100. And although dark glasses work well with summer's white linens and other warm weather fabrics, keep in mind that white shades call for an equally pristine ensemble. Darker colors and heavier fabrics will detract from your lighter-than-air look.