Paint it white

For those of us with perpetually short fingernails, there's good news. White polish is perfect for those who lack long nails. A great segue from this past winter's black-nail trend, white is a fresh look and the perfect accompaniment to even slightly bronzed skin. And it's a more forward look than your typical French mani/pedi.

You'll find that most white polishes are opaque, some are quite sheer and there's even a bold, dense white that requires near-perfect application. (We worried it might look too much like we were playing with the Liquid Paper, but it's actually a fun look for a special night out.)

And we definitely prefer the matte white to the iridescent ones, although a little sparkle might be called for now and then. It is hard to judge the color by the bottle, so here's a rundown of our favorites.


White Sand: One of our top two favorites. One coat leaves a sheer matte shine. Several applications create a beautiful look. $8, Ulta, multiple locations.

Sally Hansen Salon, All the White Stuff: The whitest of the whites and only for the bold. $5.99, CVS, multiple locations.

OPI, I Do! I Do!: A slight shimmer intensifies with each application. $7.50, Ulta.

Essie, Limo-Scene: Our other favorite because of its shiny opacity. We're getting our toes ready for this one. $7, Ulta.

L'Oreal, Pearly Whites: A little too Las Vegas showgirl for us, especially after two coats, but someone with nicer nails might like it. $5.99, CVS.

Estee Lauder, Porcelain: There's definitely a slight pinkish tinge and a soft shimmer. $18, Neiman Marcus.