GEORGEA KOVANIS: Garden art can be classy or quirky

If you're like most people, you'll probably spend time this summer toiling in your yard or garden.

Which will look even lovelier when you add garden art and ornaments!

What to choose?

Make sure you pick something that can withstand the elements -- something that's not going to fade in the sun, wash out in the rain or blow away in the wind. Cement, cast iron and metal often are good choices.

You can find stuff in a variety of price ranges -- a couple of bucks to several thousand. If you're going to spend a lot, make sure it's something you won't be tired of by next summer.

So what's big this season? Gnomes, gnomes and more gnomes.

1. A green metal flower garden stake will make your yard bloom! About 43 inches tall once it's stuck in the ground. $14.99 at JoAnn stores; most likely it'll be on sale. To find a store:

2. Cheery cherub: A little cement angel is ready for a garden party. She's a classic. $39.99 at Thrifty Flowers. To find a store:

3. Put a little guy in your garden, and he'll say there's gnome place like home! He's made of cast iron and stands about 13 inches tall. $19.99 at Target stores, where he's part of the Sean Conway garden collection.