New media options air their own inaugurations

At Barack Obama's inauguration, every twelve-year-old with a cell phone will be a reporter. Bloggers will be blogging, YouTubers will be YouTubing, Twitterers will be tweeting.

But among the many media services, amateur and otherwise, a few fresh options stand out. Here are some of them:

  • Fans of Twitter might enjoy the Chicago Tribune's live Twitter feed, which, in between a few garbled sentences from fans, features tweets from Tribune staff.
  • Live, streaming inauguration footage abounds, but and Facebook are teaming up to stream inauguration footage alongside your friends’ commentaries. They plan to combine CNN live broadcast and live Facebook status updates in the same media player.
  • Link-live, an organization that promotes a combination of technology and philanthropy, brings together Flickr streams, video streams, Twittering, and a live webcast for its viewers.
  • To see more of the inaugural parade than almost anyone in Washington, go to CNN's "Your View of History," which guides viewers along an interactive map of the parade route and other inaugural locations with photos, videos, and other features.
  • Get thyself to a theater if you want to watch MSNBC's live coverage of the inauguration on something larger than a home screen. Screenvision, a chain of theaters, will be showing the footage at select cities nationwide.
  • You can watch footage of the balls from any major news network, but you can also participate in the eNaugural Ball on Tuesday night, which will be broadcast on the web from 9 p.m. -2 a.m.
  • To get the skinny on what labels women are wearing to the balls, go to Women register there to avoid the humiliation of showing up wearing what someone else is wearing.
  • Want to know just how bad the Washington congestion is? A free iPhone application created by Patton Boggs, Qorvis Communications and PointAbout boasts to be, "THE guide to the inauguration," offering real-time advice on metro stations, Wifi hotspots, and restaurants, among other functions.
  • Exhausted but still need an Obama memorabilia fix? Flip to QVC, where host Leah Williams will be hawking Obama merchandise live from the Creative Coalition inaugural ball.
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